Executive Summary

PolkaFantasy introduces an all-in-one GameFi ecosystem where we deliver the best game content inspired by Japanese Animation, Comics, and Games culture.

GameFi: The Next Gen Gaming with Play-and-Earn

PolkaFantasy is a GameFi ecosystem which delivers blockchain games of AAA+ quality. Games in PolkaFantasy are Free-to-Play, with additional options to upgrade the gameplay experience with NFTs and tokens in a player-oriented economy.
Our NFT collections are aesthetically crafted to be fully utilized in games and beyond. The first game features epic skill-based PvP card battles with the most trending Japanese RPG-style illustrations and game mechanics. Players will compete against each other in a Colosseum in the magical realms of PolkaFantasy. Dynamic land systems and thoughtfully designed tokenomics are applied across all PolkaFantasy games.

NFTs: Digital Collectibles to Connect the World

Beyond the immersive gaming experience, PolkaFantasy's NFT marketplaces are uniquely designed with 100% dedication to the Japanese ACG (Animation, Comic, Game) culture to achieve the goal of a holistic GameFi ecosystem and connect collectors and creators across continents. The never-before-seen experience will transform the traditional gaming industry.

Multiverses: Unite Blockchain Games in One

PolkaFantasy is backed by the best professionals from the game and animation industry, namely top executives from Square Enix, Bandai Namco, TV Tokyo and Kadokawa, etc. An established team of professional artists, scriptwriters, and blockchain experts is here to bring the ultimate adventure to users in the decentralized world. Collaborating with top-tier artists, Hiroshi Kamiya, Yuki Kaji, Enako, PolkaFantasy is setting a high standard for blockchain games to attract both crypto and non-crypto game enthusiasts.

Welcome to PolkaFantasy!✨ The mystic journey awaits YOU.