Main Game

PolkaFantasy players can choose from two options to play

  • Battle Arena (Player vs. Player)

  • Adventure (Player vs. Engine)

Multiple in-game options for gamers to interact within the game:

  • Mission – Users can toggle to choose among the available missions in the game.

  • Mailbox – Users will receive a critical game-related message on this screen.

  • Notification – Latest progress notifications will be shown on this screen.

  • Menu – Navigates in moving around various settings of the game.

  • Formation – Players can form teams to play.

  • Character – Users can view the characters that they have collected in-game.

  • Inventory – All the obtained in-game items can be seen here.

You can see a PvP team battle arena in the above picture. You can also see the characters in their battle stance and their respective health points.

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