The Gaming Token For Long-Term Success

PolkaFantasy operates on a dual-token system.

The goal is to segregate token utilities properly and maintain their economic value in long term, building a sustainable token system.

Unlike most newly released dual-token GameFi projects which adopt the model of the 'input game token' and 'output game token' model, $ZENNY will maintain both 'input' & 'output' function effectively as a core game token, while $XP will be the native utility token for ecosystem-oriented purpose.

While most game utility token has a very high or even unlimited supply, $ZENNY total will be capped at a reasonable number, in order to counter inflation which happens to most other projects.

$ZENNY will be used in the PolkaFantasy first game and even future collaboration game.

At the time of writing, $ZENNY is planned to launch in Q2 2023. Launch method will be announced later.

Token Utilities

$ZENNY is a revolutionary new game token that offers a wide range of utilities for the gamers in PolkaFantasy ecosystem. These utilities include:

  1. Weapon/Items Upgrade: $ZENNY can be used to upgrade weapons and items in-game, allowing players to access more powerful equipment and gain a competitive edge.

  2. Limited Lootbox/Items/NFT Purchase: $ZENNY allows players to purchase limited lootboxes and items, as well as NFTs, that can't be obtained through regular gameplay. These rare items and NFTs will give you a unique in-game experience and make you stand out among other players.

  3. Breeding Fee (in future games): In future games that will include breeding feature, $ZENNY can be used to pay breeding fees and make your breeding experience more convenient and efficient.

  4. Gameplay Extension: $ZENNY allows players to access extended gameplay and additional features that are not available to those who don't hold the token.

  5. Hidden Features (announced upon games launch): As a holder of $ZENNY, you will have access to hidden features that will be announced upon the launch of new games.

Together, these utilities create a powerful incentive for players to acquire and hold $ZENNY, and they also drive demand for the token in the gaming market. As more and more players adopt $ZENNY and use it to enhance their gaming experience, the value of the token is likely to increase. To further increase the demand of, we are discussing for partnership with renowned studios to expand $XP and $ZENNY in different game systems.

In summary, $ZENNY is a valuable addition to the gaming world, providing players with a range of utilities that enhance their gaming experience and increase the value of the token. As the adoption of $ZENNY grows, it has the potential to become a major player in the BCG market.

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