Security is our highest priority when we design the services for our users. PolkaFantasy takes every step to ensure peace-of-mind across our ecosystem.

Almost all smart contracts in PolkaFantasy is audited by professional blockchain audit firms, such as Hacken, PeckShield etc. We strive for a very high system integrity as this is important to our community. And we periodically review our systems to make sure they stay up-to-date and safe.

Here are some examples on how we tackle security issues


$XP is designed to be fully compliant with industry-standard security protocols and best practices, and it uses advanced cryptographic algorithms to ensure the integrity of transactions.

PolkaFantasy $XP native utilities token is the core in our ecosystem. Thus we put token smart contract security as our highest priority. Prior to the token launch, $XP smart contract is painstakingly audited by the world renowned audit firm PeckShield to ensure that it is free from any vulnerabilities or weaknesses. The final result is that our smart contract adheres to the highest standard in the industry and is safe to launch for community.

In addition to these technical measures, $XP has implemented a robust security infrastructure to protect against potential threats. This includes the use of multi-factor authentication, firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and regular security audits to ensure the safety and security of the token and its users.

$XP Bridge

Bridge main function is to safely transfer crypto fund from one blockchain (Chain A) to another one (Chain B). There are 3 main steps in the process:

  1. User transfer fund to $XP Bridge on Chain A.

  2. Swapping $XP from Chain A to Chain B

  3. Releasing fund to user on Chain B

For Step 1, PolkaFantasy has created a Smart Contract address for users to integrate with. Fund is handled solely on Smart Contract level, to minimize manual risk or hacking risk via social engineering.

For Step 2, our team has put all operation of swapping in AWS Private Subnet. Our Private Subnet interacts with the blockchain directly, avoiding any call/ping action directly to this subnet. In short, there is no one outside who can access to this private network.

For Step 3, the Bridge release fund by directly interacting with the Smart Contract. To ensure zero inteferance, operation is done in AWS Private Subnet without proxy in the middle.

So far, our $XP Bridge has not experienced any downtime due to hacking. And our team will continue improve the technology architecture across our products.

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