Play-to-Earn has become one of the most prominent features since early 2021. While PolkaFantasy is not the first who invents such model, we strive to create long-standing and sustainable models to differentiate ourselves from the crowd.

1. Free to Play

Games in PolkaFantasy are all inclusive. We integrated a Free-to-Play model into the game for all gamers. By embracing the maximum factor, we believe PolkaFantasy can scale up in a way to sustain the economic model that we look for.

2. Play & Earn

We developed epic battle experiences for all players. Gameplay is at the core of our development. We hope to attract some players to further engage with our game economics by upgrading their parties with some of the best looking NFTs in BCG world. With NFTs, players can anticipate winning rewards in form of in-game items and on-chain token(s). These token(s) will be very useful to further power up players and the games more exciting.

3. NFT Tiers

The character and item NFT are categorized into four tiers:

Legendary: It is the most elite tier in the game. Legendary-tiered characters and items are both extremely rare and powerful.

Epic: It is the next most powerful tier after the โ€œLegendaryโ€ tier, where gamers will discover the unique types of abilities each hero has.

Rare: Secondary tier with greater power and higher rarity to gamers to take their adventure across the realms of PolkaFantasy to the next level.

Common: Characters and items in this tier are common with basic power and the lowest rarity.

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