Our team believes that music forms a large part of the spirit in many of the great games. As Irish poet Oscar Wilde once said, โ€˜Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memory.' Great music entices memorable moments in the game, and that is the magic of music. All music and sounds in PolkaFantasy are created to bring you joy and tears.

Theme Song

The theme song is produced by the award-winning ZENTA. ZENTA (ๅœŸๆฉ‹ ๅ–„ๅคช) is a versatile music composer with a growing reputation for excellence. He creates a euphoric atmosphere that amplifies the excitement of every player.

In-game BGM

The game's theme songs and background music are produced by ZENTA, an outstanding music producer who has created numerous pieces of music to elicit emotional responses.

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