More and more people are looking for new ways to make money while having fun, and with traditional forms of work becoming increasingly scarce, people have found a new-age alternative.

Due to the relatively high rewards for staking cryptocurrencies and NFTs, many people have turned to this investment to supplement their income. While PolkaFantasy believes DeFi is an innovative and potential service leveraging on the merits of blockchain technology, not much success have been proven because many projects have taken aggressive stance on providing unsustainable APY via staking.

At PolkaFantasy, our team is prudent to maintain sustainablility.

This philosophy will be reflected in our approach of staking by making it scalable horizontally, without being aggressive at attracting short-term speculators. In other words, we value maximum multiplier by embracing the whole community, but not making ponzi-like structure that is unfair to majority of the community.

PolkaFantasy is here for a long journey with the community.

PolkaFantasy native token $XP will be available for staking at FantasyPad.

Our team has integrated staking into our launchpad for the reason that it offers staking dual purposes.

When users choose to stake via our FantasyPad, the staking per se is not the sole purpose; it also becomes a mean to help to scale up PolkaFantasy ecosystem in a meaningful and rewarding way.

At initial launch, FantasyPad will offer multiple tiers with different upper cap and APY. Tiers also serve as different ranks of membership to join our partnered projects.

More details will be announced later.

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