~Enter the Mystic Realms of PolkaFantasy~

People hove been fighting for mana non-stop, and many nations were destroyed. There are only three countries left. The commercial nation Ertasa and the military nation Balbatos Esta are prosperous nations because of the wealth mana brings. The two countries have continued the war to monopolize Legardia, the only source of mana. Ignia, on the other hand, took part in the war, believing that the world would be ruined if Ertasa and Balbatos Esta took over Legardia. The nation holds a strong belief against the use of mana. The damage caused by the war between the three countries was tremendous. The leaders discussed and signed a treaty to decide the owning rights of Legardia in the "proxy war". At the end, the sacred place, Colosseum was built in the center of the three countries along with representatives sent by their leader





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