📃Main Menu

The top header of the screen shows "User Rank," "Stamina," and "Zenny (Paid Zenny / Free Zenny)" in possession. Clicking on the "+" button opens the Game Marketplace.

Selecting a button on the right side of the screen will display each screen and function as follows:


Introduction of each button

Arena: 3 vs 3 PvP battle - Aim for the top in the card battles!

Adventure: You can challenge the adventure mode (PvE), which drops items needed to upgrade your heroes and weapons.

Lootbox(Gacha): You can roll lootbox for various items including non-NFT heroes, weapons, and upgrade materials.

Team: Enter Team screen where you can form your parties and equip heroes.

Upgrade: Enter Upgrade screen where you can upgrade your heroes and weapons.

Inventory: Enter Inventory where you can see heroes, weapons, lands, goddesses, and items in possession.

Mailbox: You can check announcements and gift items from PolkaFantasy team.

Achievements: Rewards can be earned for achieving certain conditions in the game.


※Click on the "三" in the upper right corner to display the menu.

You can access the Game Marketplace, set options, access the official Discord, and exit the game, respectively.

In the options settings, you can set:

・System: Language / Screen Resolution / Display mode

・Sound: BGM / SE / Character Voice

・Battle: Message speed / Text window transparency

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