In the Arena, players can choose to battle in Ranked Matches or Free Matches.

In "Ranked Matches" battles, ratings fluctuate based on wins and losses while ratings do not fluctuate in "Free Matches", and no rewards are given, nor the number of games played are counted.

Ranked Matches

In Ranked Matches, you can challenge up to 10 times per day, and ratings will fluctuate based on wins and losses. Rankings based on the ratings are compiled for each specific period of time. Aim for the top ranking to win rewards!

※For more information on the duration of the event and rewards, please check the official channel.

Free Matches

In Free Matches, there is no rating fluctuation, no reward given, and no limit to the number of challenges. Practice in Free Match and aim for victory in Ranked Match!


How to Join Battles

By clicking "Get Ready" you can select, form, and view the details of the party that you wish to use in the battle.

Click the "Battle" button on the Get Ready screen to start the battle. *The number of remaining challenges will be displayed below the "Battle" button (only on the Ranked Matches).


Mini-ADV for Arena

Your first challenge will begin with a mini-scenario of Azela and Tiela on their way to the Arena.

① Skip ADV.

**You can also view this mini-scenario by clicking on the "View Scenario" button on the Arena screen.



If a match with another player cannot be found within a certain time frame, your opponent will be a CPU.

Check Opponent

The opponent's username and party formation will be displayed.


Battle Screen

In each ACTIVE PHASE, skill cards are randomly dealt. Mouse over a card to see its details, and click on it to set the skill by spending the indicated cost (Mana). If the number is red, it indicates that you do not have enough Mana.

The number "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6" displayed to the left of the character indicates the order of action based on their status. in BATTLE PHASE, attacks and skills are used according to the order of action. Depending on the cards selected, the order of action may be switched.

By right-clicking on a character listed in order of action, you can see the character's status and details of any buffs and debuffs that are applied.

This shows the remaining Mana for this turn. Each turn, Mana is restored based on certain conditions.

Click this button or time over will start the BATTLE PHASE.

As the yellow gauge below the character's HP bar accumulates, various Active Bonuses are granted.

If you surrender, you are treated as defeated and leave the battle.

Battle Result

The Battle Result will be displayed; press OK to close the screen.

*There is no rating fluctuation in Free Matches.

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