📅Time Schedule

Please see below for in-game time schedule.

🚥 Ranked Matches Period

Rankings for the Ranked Matches will be reset every two weeks, and rewards will be rotated. Please check the Ranked Match screen or the official channel for details on the duration of the event and rewards.

The schedule for switching between each cycle is as follows:

Ranked Match Period: 03:00 UTC Monday - 14:59 UTC Sunday two weeks later

From the end of the Ranked Match period until 02:00 UTC on the following Monday, you can log in to the game and play, but you cannot participate in the Ranked Match.

※Please note that if the end time is reached during a battle, the game will be disconnected and forced to end.

🚧 Maintenance

You will not be able to log in to the game during the maintenance. We appreciate your understanding in order to ensure the smooth operation of the game.

  • Scheduled Maintenance

Maintenance will be performed on the following schedule at the time when the period of the Ranked Matches switches ends.

Maintenance date and time: 02:00 UTC - 03:00 UTC every other Monday ※The start time and duration of the maintenance may be subject to change.

  • Temporary Maintenance

In addition to scheduled maintenance, we may perform temporary maintenance for server adjustment, maintenance, and other purposes as needed.

In case of maintenance, we will notify you in advance via official Twitter, official Discord community, etc. Please follow them to stay informed.

⌛️ Reset for Arena/Adventure challenges

The limit number of challenges in the arena "Ranked Matches" and stamina for "Adventure" will be restored at 19:00 UTC every day.

  • In the "Ranked Matches", the number of challenges per day is limited to 10 and cannot be increased.

  • Each "Adventure" battle quest consumes 1 Stamina. The maximum value of stamina is 8, which is regained by 1 every hour, or by using potions.

📝 Update time of Missions

Every day at 19:00 UTC, your daily missions reset and present you with new challenges.

Similarly, your weekly missions reset and update every Monday at the same time, 19:00 UTC.

At the update date and time, the completion status of the missions up to that point will be reset and the new missions will be available.

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