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Explaining how to register at PolkaFantasy Game Marketplace

**If you played Beta 2/Open Beta, please skip this part and proceed to Install Game. If you have forgotten your previously created account or are unable to log in, please see "Forgot account?"

① Click "Sign up" button

Click on the Sign Up button in the upper right corner of the screen.

② Create a new account

Enter your username, email address, and password, then click the "Create an account" button.

③ Complete email verification

An verification email will be sent to the email address you entered. Please check your mailbox and click the "Activate account" button in the body of the email to complete the email verification.

※If you do not complete the email activation, you will not be able to use your account. If your activation has expired, please contact our team so we can delete your account.

④ Login with registered email and password   ※You may log in to the game with the same email address and password.

⑤ In case you have PolkaFantasy NFTs and wish to use them in the game   ┗Connect wallet

※If you are having an error:

If the wallet address is already linked to another account, it cannot be linked to a new account. Please log in with the account that has already linked your wallet.

If you really need to re-link your wallet to a new account due to unavoidable circumstances, such as account hacking, please contact us through the official Discord inquiry ticket.

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