PolkaFantasy Game Guide Book (EN)

Land Collection

This is a collection of PolkaFantasy land NFTs with various utilities to be implemented in the future. Lands can be used as a buff card to equip your party at Team screen in game.
Some of the utilities will be implemented in PolkaFantasy1 game. As more games in the PolkaFantasy GameFi ecosystem that will be developed in the future are released, all Land utilities will be realized in phases.
Fantasy Land Portal Site: https://fantasyland.polkafantasy.com/​

How to use Land NFTs in PolkaFantasy1

The lower left corner of the Team screen is the slot for equipping Land. Click on the "Change" button to select the Land you wish to equip your party with.
From the list of lands in your possession, choose the land you wish to equip your party with and click the "Select" button to complete the equipping.
Click on the [i] mark of an ability to see the ability details of the selected land. The buff effect of the lands depends on the their characteristics and rarity.
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