🦸‍♀️Rare Characters

All heroes are born with different gifts and powers. In your magical journey to explore and conquer the realms, you will discover more of their secrets!

Fantasy Box Hero | Rare Tier


―――― Beautiful Boy

Riku was known as the beautiful boy and the second son of an affluent family in Balbatos Esta.

All women fell for Riku from head to toe. Despite his look and elegance, he longs for something more - invincibility. He was first heavily influenced by his artistic mother to master all kinds of arts from a very early age. He is gifted in that he can do anything with flair. Meanwhile, he'd been proactively advancing his sword skills.

Meeting Elena made him feel inspired. He was fascinated by her incredible power, ultimately choosing to follow her to the Colosseum.


―――― Apprentice Blacksmith

Moka has been creating her own weapons while studying traditional blacksmith technology from Bulgun. She is rustic, but when it comes to blacksmithing, she is meticulous. She always talks back to Bulgun who doesn't acknowledge her ability. She later decided to fight in the Colosseum to prove her crafts were of quality and strengths.


―――― The Lone Monster Killer

Liguard spent most of his time hunting and killing monsters in forests, where not many people know what was going on. He once belonged to a clan that they would hunt together. However, his experience was unpleasant, leaving him lonely and left to solo hunts.

Soul-less are now more common around the hunting grounds, and the number of monsters has decreased, so he joins the fights in the arena to earn bounties. When in danger, he transforms into a deadly warrior "Berserker".


―――― Sister Apprentice

Loona was once the Sister Apprentice for the Furgaris Monastery. Despite her ambition, she was clumsy and careless. She always made mistakes and got cold shoulder from the Sister Chief.

One day, she encountered a mysterious power which was later taken into her body. She was accused of "using mana without permission" by the Sister Chief and was expelled from the monastery.

Losing her way, she wandered into a flower garden and collapsed. But Sonia and Luca saved her.

Practising in the Colosseum to become a sister, Loona is now ready to fight.


―――― The Bartender with great ambitions

Elsa owns a bar in Balbatos Esta, but she has ambitions for furthering her prospects. She longs for something more in life.

Visitors of the bar turn to Elsa for advice because she is forthright and speaks without complications, finding appeal in her genuine and reliable nature. She sometimes banishes customers who have a bad attitude or start fights. She has an unwavering connection with Sieg; so much that he's the only one allowed to settle his bills later. Taking part in the Colosseum is her chance to win enough money to expand her business worldwide.


―――― Fame Seeking Swordsman

Armed with unparalleled expertise and experience in swordplay, Valerie - a mercenary working for the nations of Ertasa and Balbatos Esta - confidently takes her stand against all challengers.

At one time hired by Riez for the purpose of Mana Hunting, Valerie holds Riez in high regard, admiring her strength and demeanor. However, following an event which ended in her defeat, she became filled with guilt and left Riez to recover.

But that didn't stop her; as an ambitious mercenary, she is determined to prove herself anew and ascend back into fame through the Colosseum.


―――― Protector of Ertasa

Cody is the leader of "Garstan," one of the vigilante groups scattered across the city of Ertasa. Believing in "helping the weak and crushing evil," he stands by the poor who are being exploited by the wealthy.

When he was chased out of the vigilante group due to a certain incident and targeted by assassins, Zarles saved his life, and he feels indebted to Zarles.

He joined the Colosseum with strong determination to protect the peace in Ertasa.


―――― The Librarian On a Quest To Find Lost Books

Working at the Ignia Library Pavilion as a librarian, Trish firmly believes that a book and a cup of coffee can fulfill any need in life.

She managed to read every book in the library. With her extensive knowledge of every book in the library, it came as no surprise that she immediately picked up on something being amiss. Suspecting Balbatos Esta of taking them, she put all clues together and resolved to get the stolen property back.

One of her friends from the Balbatos Esta's library then confirmed that the thieves were located at the Colosseum, prompting her to embark on a daring mission - take part in battle.

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