You can check heroes and weapons in possession and upgrade them.

Upgrade Screen

Available heroes will be shown on the screen. You can sort characters using various filters.

Click "Upgrade" button to levelup your character by consuming materials collected in adventure battles. Upgrading characters not only increases their status values, but may also gain abilities. (Sometimes a character gains more than one ability in a single level-up.)

Click "Equipment" to equip different weapon and accessory to your hero. -> See Equipment

Hero Screen

Click the [i] next to each character to open a detailed screen for them.

You can check the hero's abilities by selecting the ""Status"" tab.

Click skill cards or [i] next to abilities to see their details.

Select the ""Profile"" tab to view the hero's profile.

You can listen to the voice by selecting the ""Character Voice"" tab. (only for those with voices)

If you select the ""Viewing mode"" button, you will move to the viewing mode screen.

Viewing mode allows you to view the hero. By clicking the icon at the bottom of the screen, you can hide the ui and switch between battle character images. You can also enlarge or reduce the image by operating the slider. If you select the background image on the right of the screen, the background of this screen will be the selected one.

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