PolkaFantasy Game Guide Book (EN)

Genesis Collection

PolkaFantasy's Genesis Collection includes exclusive characters, weapons and items that were sold only during the initial sale in 2021 and will not be reprinted.

NFTs in Genesis Collection

NFTs sold at the 2021 sale, available at secondary market such as PolkaFanatsy Game Marketplace or other NFT marketplaces.
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NFT Tiers

There are Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common in descending order of rarity.

LEGENDARY Tier: Exclusive Buff Card

They will be used as buff cards in the PolkaFantasy1 game and will be a strong ally in influencing the outcome of the battle. They are also highly effective in the future games in PolkaFantasy GameFi ecosystem.
-> Click here for a list of Goddesses.

EPIC TierRARE Tier: In-game Characters

Genesis EPIC/RARE Characters
They can be used as characters in the PolkaFantasy1 game. Form a team with three of your favorite characters and aim for the top ranking! They will also be available as characters in several games in the PolkaFantasy GameFi ecosystem that will be developed and released in the future.
There are a total of 27 Genesis characters: 11 EPIC and 16 RARE.
Genesis characters have been redesigned from the original design at the time of sale. -> Click here for details.

COMMON Tier: In-game Weapons and Item

They can be used as weapons and items in the PolkaFantasy1 game. The rarity in the game is "Rare".
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