🐣Lootbox (Gacha)

By rolling the Lootbox, you will have a chance to win reinforcement materials, non-NFT characters/weapons, and other items.

Lootbox Screen

There are two types of Lootboxes: "Normal Lootbox", which consumes Free Zenny, and "Premium Lootbox", which consumes Paid Zenny, and can be switched by clicking the banner at the top of the screen.

The drop items included in both are the same, but the Premium Lootbox offers a higher chance of obtaining rarer items than the Normal Lootbox.

*The characters and weapons drop in the in-game Lootbox are not NFT. Also, even if they are the same characters, they are weaker than those NFT versions.

*There will be a limited-time Lootbox that will include special items. Please look forward to it!

Click on the "Details" button for a description of the Lootbox and notes.

Click on the "Drop items" button to see a list of drop items in the Lootbox.

How to Roll

Click on the "1X" button for rolling 1 Lootbox, and click on the "10X" button for rolling 10 Lootboxes, consuming the cost indicated at the bottom.

When you click the button, a confirmation screen will appear. Please confirm the contents and click "ROLL".

※Numerical values are under development and subject to change in the actual game.


A list of acquired items will be displayed. Click "1X" or "10X" button to roll more Lootboxes.

Click the "Back" button to return to the Lootbox screen.

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