♻️In-game Ecosystem

PolkaFantasy is a blockchain game where you can enjoy the game using various in-game currencies and items, as well as onchain tokens.

PolkaFantasy Onchain Tokens

PolkaFantasy's native token "$XP" and game token "$ZENNY" can be converted into in-game Exp jewels and in-game currency respectively on the PolkaFantasy Game Marketplace. Please see FAQ on Game Marketplace for details.

In-game Currencies

There are In-game currencies called "Zenny", which include "Paid Zenny" and "Free Zenny". These can be acquired as rewards for gameplay or by completing various missions in the game.

  • "Paid Zenny" can be converted into the onchain game token "$ZENNY" on PolkaFantasy Game Marketplace, and vice versa. ※The conversion rate between on-chain token and in-game currency fluctuates.

  • "Free Zenny" can only be used in-game and cannot be converted to other currencies or onchain tokens.

In-game assets

For gameplay, you can use NFT items and in-game items:

  • NFT items include: characters, weapons, accessories, potions, goddesses, and lands;

  • In-game items include: Exp jewels, downgraded characters, downgraded weapons, and disposable potions.

Weapon Types

Each character and weapon is assigned a weapon type, and an icon representing the weapon type is displayed on it:

  • There are eight weapon types: "Sword", "Lance", "Axe", "Staff", "Mêlée", "Dual Blades", "Bow", and "Mana Reactor";

  • Each character can equip weapons of the same weapon type as the character in the Main Weapon slot (up to one) and Subweapon slot (up to two), respectively;

  • Each character is initially equipped with the "Default Weapon" as their main weapon. Even if the Main Weapon is changed to another weapon, the "Default Weapon" cannot be equipped as a Subweapon.


Characters and weapons can be upgraded by consuming "Exp jewels".

  • Exp jewels include four types of "Hero Exp jewels" needed for character upgrade and four types of "Weapon Exp jewels" needed for weapon upgrade, a total of eight types, each with different acquisition difficulties and uses.

  • The higher the level of upgrade, the more difficult it is to acquire the necessary Exp jewels.

Play modes

There are two play modes in the game: "Arena" (PvP) and "Adventure" (PvE). In both, you can form a team of three, equip them with weapons, accessories, goddesses, and lands, and challenge.

  • In the "Arena", you can select between "Ranked Matches" and "Free Matches". In "Ranked Matches", you can earn "enhancement materials", "Paid Zenny", and "Free Zenny" as rewards. The number of challenges per day is limited to 10 and cannot be increased. In "Free Matches", no rewards are given, but you can challenge as many times as you want.

  • You can play without NFT characters ("Free to Play"), but you will not be rewarded with "Paid Zenny" in that case; you can enjoy "Play and Earn" by earning "Paid Zenny" only when you organize NFT characters and challenge "Ranked Matches".

  • In "Adventure" mode, you can earn "upgrade materials" and "Free Zenny" as rewards. Each battle quest consumes 1 Stamina. The maximum value of stamina is 8, which is regained by 1 every hour. You can also use potions to regain stamina and increase the number of challenges. However, there is a limit to the number of times each character can receive rewards per day - meaning the more characters you have, the more rewards you are likely to earn.

Spending In-game Currencies

There are three places in the game where you can spend the in-game tokens: "Normal Lootbox", "Premium Lootbox", and "Shop" (*).

  • In "Normal Lootbox", you can spend "Free Zenny" to get variety of in-game items.

  • In "Premium Lootbox", you can spend "Paid Zenny" for a higher chance of getting rarer items than in Normal Lootbox.

  • *Please note that the "Shop" will not be implemented at the time of the official release but is planned to be implemented in a later update.

*The official release will also feature a limited-time Lootbox that will include special items. Please look forward to it!


"Downgraded Characters" and "Downgraded Weapons" obtained from Lootboxes etc. can be recycled into "Free Zenny". This action is irreversible.

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