⚙️How to Install

In order to play PolkaFantasy1 Game, you need to first install the game on your computer.

Please check to make sure your computer meets the following specifications

Minimum System Requirements




Intel Core i3-9100


4GB (1GB free or more)


2GB available or more


Equevalent to Intel® UHD Graphics 630




Intel Core i5-9600


4GB (1GB free or more)


2GB available or more


Equevalent to GeForce GTX 1060 or Apple M1

How to Install


After downloading, please double-click the .exe file to start the game.

Follow the instructions in the installation wizard to complete the game installation.

Regardless of the location of the folder you specified when installing the game, the following folder will be created exclusively for storing save data, etc.

directly under the user documents folder > PolkaFantasy

※ Known issue on PC name: you may not be able to play the game If the PC name is set to double-byte characters, because of a communication error. If you encounter this problem, please change the PC name to only include single-byte characters.


※The installation procedure for this game is different from that from the Mac App Store, but please be assured that the game has been notarized.

① Click pkg while holding down Ctl

② A menu will then pop up, click "Open" to start the game

If the above procedure does not work

① Double-click the icon to display the security error message

② System settings > Privacy & Security > Security

③ You will see a message that the use of this package is blocked

④ Click the "Open Anyway" button

■ For Mac computers with Apple silicon

Rosetta2 allows Macs with Apple silicon to use Apps developed for Macs with Intel processors.

How to install: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT211861

If error message is displayed when launching the game

If you get the following message after launching the game, the overwrite installation may have failed or you may be running an outdated installer.

Please download the latest installer again from the official page or delete the old version and try the installation again.

※The file path where the old version was installed: (Windows) Folder specified by the user during installation (Mac) Application > PolkaFantasy

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