In the Adventure Mode, you can get several types of materials to upgrade your heroes and weapons as a rewards.

Adventure Screen

① Select a scenario from the top center of the screen. (Only "Ignia: Prequel" can be played at the time of the Official Release.)

② Select the quest you want to play from the list on the right side of the screen. There are two types of quests: scenario quests, which involve reading a story, and battle quests, which involve battles. As you complete quests, new quests will be added.

Scenario Quests

Selecting the ""Start"" button will start the selected scenario. In the scenario, the character's story evolves. There is no battle, no stamina consumption, and no item acquisition.

Skip: click to skip the scenario.

Log: click to display text log.

※Depending on the scenario, there may be choices that affect part of the character's story. Depending on the choices, the scenario to be released and the content of the battle will change.

Battle Quests

Selecting the "Detail" button will open the Party details screen.

Selecting the "Team" button will take you to the Team screen.

Selecting the "Start" button will start the selected quest. Icons and numbers inside the "Start" button indicate the type and amount of stamina and items consumed. You can't start if you don't have enough stamina or items.

Drops (rewards) for completing battle quests will vary depending on the condition of the party characters. There are five levels of conditions: " Excellent," "Good," "Normal," "Not good," and "Very bad," and the better the condition, the more drops (rewards) will be given. The current status is displayed at the top of the "Drop items" column. ※You can check the condition of each character on Team Screen.

The "♦" symbol indicates missions at battle quests. By completing the mission, you will receive a reward.

The flow of battle is the same as in the Arena.

One feature that differs from the arena is the ability to fast-forward through the battle. Clicking the "►" button speeds up the development, but does not play the SEs or voices.

When you win the battle, the screen for earning rewards appears.

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