PolkaFantasy's first game is designed as a 3vs3 card battle.

Choose skill cards within the limitations of "Mana" and beat your opponents!

Head to the Game Website for Stories, Items, Characters, and more!

※ This game is NFT-based. However, you can also play without NFTs.

※ When you connect an Epic hero or character NFTs of higher rarity, you can enjoy each character's voice.

How to get started

① Visit PolkaFantasy Game Marketplace

Create New Account (If you played Beta 2 and/or Open Beta, please skip this part)

・In case you have PolkaFantasy NFTs and wish to use them in the game: Connect wallet

Install Game (If you have installed any versions in the past, please uninstall them first. This may cause errors. You cannot play with old α or β game ROM)

③ Start Playing


The PolkaFantasy team reserves the right to make the final decision on all matters, including game specifications and rewards. In case of any fraudulent activity such as using multiple accounts, running the same account with multiple players, or any other inappropriate behavior, the PolkaFantasy team reserves the right to ban accounts, remove players from the rankings, or take other actions.

Please read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use on the PolkaFantasy official website carefully before installing and playing the game.

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