👑Legendary Characters

All heroes are born with different gifts and powers. In your magical journey to explore and conquer the realms, you will discover more of their secrets!

Collaboration Hero | Legendary Tier


CV: Shino Shimoji

―――― Samurai of Vengeance

Esther, the heartbroken samurai, has endured immense sorrow, her dearest beloved having been lost to her right before her eyes. Mourning this heartbreaking loss, she vowed to exact revenge, but also found herself powerless in protecting her lover.

In search of strength, she traversed the world, allowing the power of the Mana Reactor to surge within her. She soon after obtained an old sword which had long since forgotten its craftsmanship. Her will, in tandem with this ancient weapon, was capable of absorbing and wielding the Mana Reactor's greater strength.

Hearing of her enemy joining the Colosseum to fight, she made up her mind to fight in order to seek her revenge. Determined, she enrolled for the battle with the enchanted weapon, her purpose set.


Fantasy Box Hero | Legendary Tier


CV: Sora Amamiya

―――― Avenging Her Parent's Death

The avenger who controls the Scythe, one of the 12 Legendary Weapons.

When she was a child, her parents were murdered by the Accursed. The experience broke her. Her hatred for the Accursed consumes her and she is now searching the realm for information about the person who killed her parents.

She is a skilled user of earth magic and uses spells to shape silicon into golems. She has an attachment to her golems and occasionally smiles at them.

After hearing the rumor that the Accursed, her enemy, were involved in the war, she decided to go too.


CV: Hiroshi Kamiya

―――― Balbatos Esta - the One to Unite the Realms

Prince of Balbatos Esta is one of the core members running the Coliseum.

As a war-lover who plans to unify the realms, Sirius wields the Sword, one of the 12 Legendary Weapons. His skill is undisputed. His ability to use water magic to control moisture in the atmosphere is impeccable. He is adored by the people.

He is intimidated by strong women, but on the battlefield, he is ruthless. A few years ago, he sent the Soul-less to Ignia in an attempt to launch a surprise attack.


CV: Aika Kobayashi

―――― Becoming the World's Strongest

Azela is the eldest son of the Ashford family and an elite swordsman since his teenage years. Azela is the Guardian of the Country, removing Dark Spheres from the world. Known for his emotional side and impulsivity, he tends to fail more often than not and usually needs help from Tiela.


CV: Kiseki

―――― Looking for 'Friends' in Battles at the Coliseum

A passionate martial artist who controls the Mêlée, one of the 12 Legendary Weapons. She has extraordinary strength in her legs and can jump over twice as far as a normal person. Being nocturnal, she cannot exercise her powers fully until the night.

She used to be part of a sect, but due to her extreme strength, she became isolated and practices quietly alone in the mountains.

Loneliness creeping onto her, she has a thought of making friends with someone as strong as her and thus wants to fight against the strongest in the Coliseum.


CV: Miku Ito

―――― Fight for the Land where the 'Goddess of Prosperitas' Lies

A cleric who controls the Staff, one of the 12 Legendary Weapons.

She preaches a new religion that worships the mythical Goddess of Prosperitus, and was honored as a watchperson.

She believes that the Goddess of Prosperitus sleeps in Legardia. Thus, she joins the warlike Balbatos Esta and participates in the war in hope to win Legardia to her possession.

She uses magic that is seemingly divine, but she holds a dark secret.


CV: Aika Kobayashi

―――― The Ultimate Pursuit of Beauty

A dragon human (dragon) who controls the Lance, one of the 12 Legendary Weapons. She has a keen eye for beauty. She likes to disguise herself as a human, hiding her true form as a dragon.

Although she is a member of the ""Dragon Warrior Army"", she does not like to follow rules or orders, and wanders from place to place looking for beautiful things. Sirius admires her as she is extremely skilled in combat.

She has no interest in the battle for Legardia, but participates in a war just for fun.

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