🤔If you need help

If you have any questions about the game, please try the following steps.

① Search for answers in the manual

First, click on "🔍Search" in the upper left corner of the screen or press [Ctrl+K] to open the search field.

Once you enter a keyword, a list of related page suggestions will be displayed.

Alternatively, type in a question and press Enter or click the "Lens" button, and the AI will refer to the entire manual to answer your question.

Click on the lower left corner of the answer to open the page on which the answer is based.

If you still have questions, please proceed to step ②.

② Ask on the official Discord

First, open the official Discord server.

※If you have not yet joined the server, follow below steps to join.

  • Click the invite link: https://discord.gg/QK4XQWPQUq (If you are new to Discord, please refer here first to complete the account creation - phone number verification)

  • Read the server rules and click the button if you agree.

  • Select language via "🤞|language-言語選択" channel (for English, click on 1️⃣) to acquire English role and join community channels.

Post your questions in channels such as "✨|public-chat" or "❓|pf-questions". Mods or other members will answer your questions.

If you still have questions that cannot be resolved, proceed to step ③.

③ Open a support ticket

You can create a ticket to contact the PolkaFantasy team directly by clicking "📥Create ticket" button in "🎫|ticket-english" channel.

Please use this feature if your inquiry contains personal information such as wallet address.

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