Genesis Heroes

All heroes are born with different gifts and powers. In your magical journey to explore and conquer the realms, you will discover more of their secrets!

Genesis Hero | Epic Tier


“I will fight until the very end! No more sorrows in this world!”
Azela is the eldest son of the Ashford family and an elite swordsman since his teenage years. Azela is the Guardian of the Country, removing Dark Spheres from the world. Known for his emotional side and impulsivity, he tends to fail more often than not and usually needs help from Tiela.


“I will only use Mana for nothing but to save Azela.”
Tiela’s primary goal is to save Azela from being cursed. As the child of wizards, she was distanced from her surroundings yet still transformed into a witch with the firm belief that magic can save anything and everything. She wants to save Azela using the art of magic, knowing he’s accursed because he helped her in the past.


“Only Legardia’s Mana will bring me wealth and fame.”
Reiz is another epic hero with a willingness to help her family business prosper. Her family consists of Mana hunters who’ve hunted for decades. Reiz buys and sells Mana, with several regular customers, including Prince Sirius. She’s proud of what she does and supports Barbatos Esta’s monopoly on Legardia.


“All the Mana reactors need is power!”
Brutas, the seeker of romance, is an old man with superhuman powers. He garnered a reputation for his power over the years but experienced a physical decline as he got older and was worried he was losing his strength. He’s a Mana reactor enthusiast who uses his arm to symbolize power. He also participates in the wars.


“I won’t let anyone destroy our forest anymore”
Eliana is the protector of nature and forest. A beastman born in a hunter’s family, she first began hunting for food but now hunts the soul-less in the forests in and around Ignia. Skilled with a longbow, Eliana is known for defeating her opponents in silence. As nature and the forest are on the top of her mind, she participates in the proxy war to regain the richness of the forest.

Meryll & B-22

“A world without Mana reactor is… like a shortcake without strawberries.”
Merrill is a mechanic apprentice at the Mana reactor factory. Merrill developed a childhood love of machinery into a genius level mechanical understanding. She created B-22, the first-ever Mana reactor in history that can understand and speak.

Zack Ligoon

“Wherever the Lord commands, I will go”
Zack is in sworn allegiance to the Lord and a soldier of the Dragon Army. Despite having no memory of his childhood, he has a dragon marking which allows him to use the magic of a dragon. He is ordered by Prince Sirius to fight in the proxy war and is known for his loyalty and strength.


“There must be some mistake! Fight again!”
A confident and stubborn guardian of the Ignia village, Miko never gives up and is always on guard for monster strikes. After one monster unexpectedly beats her, Miko promises to train harder to beat the monster she couldn’t defeat before. As a result, she goes on to train and fight in the proxy war.


“Now… which side do you bet on?”
Ferron, a manipulative fortune teller, is originally a beastman from Ignia. She is known to deceive influential people for money and power using sex and her spell book. She even attempted to deceive the Pope and was banished from Ignia. She now runs a small gambling place to make more money.

Inferno King

“There you are… Ethan”
A revenge driven fugitive criminal, the Inferno King made a name for himself as an undefeated champion with no opponents in sight. However, when Ethan unexpectedly beats him in an underground arena, the Inferno King vows revenge and decides to participate in the Coliseum.


Genesis Hero | Rare Tier


Jarlon’s true form is a dragon, but he hides this and transforms into a human to fit in with society. He has lived for hundreds of years and is fascinated by human intelligence. His goal is to become fully human through the power of Mana.


Eole is the Chief Archer of the Vigilante Soul-less Defeat Squad. She protects neighboring towns and villages and dreams of eventually being recognized by the Pope. She decides to participate in the Coliseum to show the Pope the power of the Vigilante Squad.


Fen, a decorator and resident of the harbor, found a necklace at the bottom of the sea. When he tried the necklace on, he was suddenly filled with rage and his memory was destroyed. He awoke as a beastman and is trying to return to his original human form. He joined the Coliseum to investigate a clue about the cursed necklace that may aid him.


A well-traveled historian, Hanzo’s goal is to write a complete history book of the world from his birth through the present. He is participating in the Coliseum to conduct research in Legardia.


Ina got her start as an ordinary soldier but has ambitious goals to become a captain. After much dedicated studying and devoted training, she is tasked with her final challenge before obtaining the title of “captain”… She must enter the Coliseum.


Karen is a Mana hunter who uses grimoires. She was kicked out of the National Institute of Mana Utilization in Ertasa after involvement in a factional struggle. She later became a Mana hunter to continue her own research. She is participating in the Coliseum to obtain information on Mana in Legardia.


Laura, a devout follower and nun at the Fulgaris Church, relentlessly purges the soul-less and any who disobey her teachings. She is a skilled fighter with a fluid style. After witnessing the theft of a sacred church idol, she travels to the Coliseum to retrieve it with Patty.


Patty is the renowned leader of a band of female thieves. She targets the rich and powerful. After a cruel betrayal by her own blood, she flees to Ignia where she then meets Laura. Together, the pair travel to the Coliseum to retrieve a lost church treasure.


Known as the most energetic girl in the beast-human village, Rosie is tough and does hard work right alongside the men. The normally peaceful village is preparing for the “Day of Disaster,” a once a century event. To prepare, Rosie sets out to find friends who will help her fight. She ends up rescuing Savahna and the pair decide to combine their strengths at the Coliseum.


Saigon, a dragon-human and former slave of Balbatos Esta nobles, has escaped and become an adventurer. He trains hard to never become enslaved again. He is aiming to make a name for himself at the Coliseum.


A beast-human, Savahna is deeply fascinated by grimoires. She found a forbidden grimoire in a discarded book and used it without permission, realizing it could strengthen her power. Fascinated by it ever since, she has stayed in Ertasa collecting grimoires. She is good friends with Rosie and decides to help her at the Coliseum.


Amy is a young wizard currently undergoing training. As the daughter of a brilliant wizard, Amy often snuck into her father’s study to learn magic on her own as he did not approve of her becoming a wizard. After her father found out, he sent her to a renowned wizard to complete her formal training. She is participating in the Coliseum as part of her training.


Bulgun, the dwarf master of a traditional blacksmith shop, is highly devoted to weapon-making and is beloved by his apprentices. Bulgun expresses deep concerns over the fate of traditional blacksmithing due to the spread of Mana and joins the Coliseum to learn more about the true power of Mana.


A dark butcher based in Balbatos Esta, Cameron hunts beasts and the soul-less in the mountains. She sells meat to the royals who supply her with Mana in exchange. She is hoping to expand her clientele by participating in the Coliseum.


Divoga is known for his compassion and kind-heartedness. He once slaughtered the soul-less for the children. He has a terrifying appearance, so he decided to seclude himself from society and live alone. However, when he finds out the children are in danger, he is motivated to join the Coliseum in order to protect them.


Ema uses the magic of necromancy to send the last words of deceased souls to clients. She is investigating the last steps of a friend who suddenly disappeared. She joined the Coliseum the moment she heard that her friend may be involved.